Rick Charles

Born in India in the southern state of Madras on 12th March 1965 the youngest of 10 children. Adelerick Charles Hogg  migrated to Melbourne, Australia with Parents Malcolm & Violet, seven sisters  & two brothers in early 1968.

At the tender age of 7 Adelerick, received his first acoustic guitar - a Christmas present from his father. Learning a few basic chords from his elder brother, Adelerick began his quest to further master this instrument.

Through primary school days he performed for his classmates, and won first prize - a candy bar at the school camp talent quest. This event ignited his passion for singing.

During High School he broadened his musical ability and mastered the alto saxophone with the high school orchestra. Upon completion of schooling in 1981, his dreams continued, and the passion to become an entertainer grew.
However his father disapproved, as it was a difficult industry to break into.

In view of pleasing his father, Adelerick took on an apprenticeship in the field of printing. On conclusion of his printing apprenticeship, he approached his father once again for permission to follow his dreams. With qualifications behind him, his father gave full support in order to help him achieve his goals.

In 1985 Adelerick changed his stage name to Ricky Charles.
In 1989 Ricky Charles was discovered by Adam Dion and Nina Randall of Casino Promotions. Casino Promotions changed his stage name from Ricky Charles to Rick Charles and placed him in numerous successful stage productions, nationally and internationally, also appearing within the fields of television, radio and media.

In 2004 Rick decided to leave Casino Promotions and form his own production company. “A C Hogg Productions".
Since winning the candy bar and g
uided solely by his strong Christian faith. Rick has not lost sight of his childhood dreams and he continues to dazzle audiences & fans to date.


Adelerick Charles Hogg  at 4 years old 


Circle Of Life (Rick Charles) Album For The Good Times - all rights reserved.mp3


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